Whose economy?

Whose economy? An economy for us!

The coronavirus crisis shows us now, even more, the holes in our current economic system. Our «normal» creates and increases social inequalities while disregarding the limits of our ecosystems. It’s a system which generates major ecological and social crises.

At the same time, we are (re)discovering the power of our governments to intervene as well as our own power of collective action. These powers can be flexed and leveraged to respond to the needs of all people rather than for continued economic growth.

We believe that the economy must serve the people and that our economic rules are the result of human decisions. Building an economy that focuses on our true needs and those of future generations. Working towards an economy guided by its social and ecological impacts. Putting aside the goals of growth, consumption, and profit.

Another economy is possible. An economy where we have the know-how, understanding where what we buy comes from and taking part in the production of the goods. An economy of collaboration, without exploitation or power relations. An economy oriented towards human wealth, social ties, and collective well-being. An economy where you can follow your own rhythm. An economy centered on a respect for life.  

Creating an economy that gives us back the power, that strengthens our capacity to act. A resilient economy, that responds to reality, then reacts and rebuilds for solidarity and viability. We want a just society, where everyone’s contribution is recognized!

Produce less, share more, decide together.