Join us

Support the movement

The coming months will strongly influence the future of our economy. Let’s join our voices to promote a new and improved economy!

The idea is that we rally around a common slogan, while maintaining our distinct priorities and actions — strengthening both our individual and joint initiatives.


Getting our ideas seen!

Do you share the vision for a new system that is actually An Economy for Us!?

Hang the slogan An Economy for Us! (#economy4us) in your window, on your balcony, on your bike, on your car, in your business, on your social networks.  Use what you have available to get people to see and hear you! 

In 1-2 sentences, share your vision or priorities for action, including the slogan An Economy for Us! … either as an individual, or on behalf of your group, organization or business.

Some examples

“For a resilient healthcare system, we want an economy for us!”

“For food security, we want an economy for us!”

“To reduce social inequality, we want an economy for us!”

Share your vision!

Post a short video or audio clip on social media explaining why it’s important to you that we transform the economy!

Planning your message

Delivering a short and clear message can be a challenge! To plan what you want to say:

  1. introduce yourself in 1 sentence, however it feels right to you
  2. answer the following questions (examples):
    • what would it be like to have an economy that increases social and environmental justice?
    • how do decisions made by the government (city, province, federal), organizations or businesses align with (or not) the economic vision you have?
  3. fill in the blank (“For…, an economy for us!”)
  4. publish on social medias with #economy4us !