About us

A people’s  initiative

At the start, we are a group of five citizens – Mathilde, Magalie, Maël, Gabrielle, Ariane – affected by the crisis and the social upheavals that accompany it. Even before the crisis, we were convinced of the urgency to act in the face of social and ecological crises. With the current pause and the recovery plans being prepared by governments, we are eager to see a social and ecological vision reflected in the new economy.

So we came together to see how we might highlight the aspirations of so many to turn the crisis into an opportunity to create a more just and resilient society. We aren’t affiliated to any group or organization. Our involvement is volunteer and we all contributed to pay this website.

We came up with a draft proposal, which was reworked by some fifty more people. This website is the result of this collective effort. We hope it is unifying enough to be compelling and clear enough to be a force for change.

Today, we seek the support of all who recognize themselves in the vision of the economy we put forward, a vision meant to evolve. We wish to build a post-crisis society in which we ambitiously and purposefully create the means to live together in greater solidarity and in more ecologically sound ways.