An Economy for us

Towards another “normal”

Rebooting the economy is an ideal opportunity to act together to build a more resilient, humane and environmentally friendly economy.
To advance social and environmental justice, let us build an economy that is radically different from the system that currently dominates.

An economy:

  • That serves the people
  • That respects the limits of the natural world
  • Is a means to something, not an end unto itself.

Produce less, share more, decide together! *

Let's set out our vision of the economy

An Economy for Us! seeks to unite us in a common vision of the economy.

Many of us want our society to profoundly change; we dream of rebuilding it. Access to health care for all, an end to inequalities, respect for the environment, ending the isolation of seniors, abolition of tax havens… The Economy for Us movement calls for remaking of economic rules that would allow us to move forward in our various struggles. It aims to strengthen us and our voices!

We do not want to centralize or replace existing initiatives and demands. Diversity and autonomy allow for agility, debate and inclusive solutions.

We invite everyone, individuals, organizations and businesses, to talk about an Economy for Us! to those around you and to add your own personal or organizational touch!

Let us create an economy rooted in reality, an economy that we build every day and over which we all have power. Let us steer towards a caring and just society for all living beings.

* «Produire moins, partager plus, décider ensemble», thanks to Yves-Marie Abraham’s ability to summarize.